Welcome! We’re glad you’re here to engage in some online community building, Bible study, learning, fellowship, and prayer.

You may be wondering exactly how to do that, so here are some basics.

Each day we’ll post something different–the schedule of “columns” can be found in the sidebar.  It might be an interview with someone at RCLPC, it might be a review of the book the Read-With-The-Pastor Book Group is reading, it might be a random question, it might be a prayer, it might be a scripture passage and some questions…who knows?!?!?

Then it’s up to you–read, participate, comment, think, pray, converse!   Just click on the link that says “comments” at the bottom of the post.  It will look like it took you back to the top of the post, but just scroll down and you’ll be able to leave comments on that specific post.

You will need to put a name (or nickname) and your email address in order to comment (this helps us avoid spam).

Once you’ve typed your comment, click the “submit your comment” button.  Voila!

If you would simply like to see previous comments, click the same link and it will take you to the comment page. You won’t be forced to comment.

We look forward to hearing your ideas, conversations, questions, answers, and more.  Thanks for being part of our online community!

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  1. Good day to one & all. I have to confess I am a bit of a technophobe, preferring the ancient arts of conversation and meeting with people.However, I shall attempt to move into teh 21st c.

  2. Teri: How do I go back and pick up your comments on chapters 1,2,3 of Thielen’s book. I have made copies of your comments on chapters 4,5,6, & 7 but are 1,2,& 3 still available on the blog or have they been deleted forever? Regards: JTF I find it difficult to read from the monitor and need a piece of paper I can read more than once and make comments, underline, etc.

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