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The Hundred Foot Journey


Tomorrow evening the pastors and any interested others will gather in the Fellowship Hall to discuss the latest Read-With-The-Pastors book group selection: The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard Morais.

This novel explores the culinary world–complete with mouthwatering descriptions of all kinds of food (I ended up at the Indian restaurant about halfway through because I couldn’t stand the amazing descriptions without having some of the food for myself!), the ins-and-outs of all kinds of restaurant kitchens (from the tent in Bombay selling random street food to the 3-michelin-stars high class French haute-cuisine restaurant at a fashionable address), and the personal journeys of people who work there.

The main character begins life in a poor family in Bombay, and after multiple tragedies finds himself across the street from a fancy inn-and-restaurant.  The owner of that inn began her life as the latest in a long line of well-off and well-respected hoteliers, and found herself challenged both personally and professionally by this crazy Indian family across the road.

What ensues is the stuff of life: food, family, friendship…tragedy, loss, heartbreak…exploration both physical and emotional…hope and despair…realities of un-dealt-with grief and unhealthy choices, as well as the single-mindedness that can come from those situations…opportunity both taken and missed…growth and change of attitude, love, cuisine…

What happens when your preconceptions about life, food, and success harden into prejudice?  What happens when your own ambition requires the sacrifice of another’s life and livelihood?  What happens when your sense of pride blinds you to the needs of others, even in your own family?

What happens when you finally decide to walk those fateful 100 feet?

Let’s find out together.