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continuing the conversation: prayer


Yesterday, Teri preached about the power of prayer. She suggested that the power of prayer is in its ability to build our relationship with God, and so to change us into kingdom-dwellers, as opposed to thinking of prayer as magic. During the sermon, she mentioned that she’d created a sheet of different types of prayer and made it available at the back of the sanctuary. In addition, there’ll be some fleshing-out of those ideas here on the blog. All these ideas come from the forthcoming book tentatively titled And Then We Just Got Really Busy–Spirituality for a New Generation.

Today’s idea is praying with the radio. Many of us listen to the radio frequently–in the car, at work, or while doing chores. Or maybe we just have iTunes or CDs playing–those work too! Any kind of music can be a vehicle for prayer.

“The music on the radio, even if it’s the top 40, can be part of your spiritual practice as well! Notice when lyrics draw your attention, or when a melody makes you want to sing along. What is it about that song that connects with your spirit? Does the song speak to your emotional state, to the reality of your life, to your hopes and dreams? Is there a song that summarizes your experience of God or your adventure of faith? Can you use the songs on the radio to hear the movement of the Spirit, or to express your own feelings to God? Of course sometimes the songs on the radio are not exactly great theological treatises. But there’s often something that can spark your imagination—a word or a phrase, an image or a snippet of melody. If you hold on to that and let the rest of the song be a backdrop for the thoughts sparked by that one little thing (as long as you’re still paying attention to the road if you’re driving, of course) the radio can be a great way to pray.”

What do you think? What caught your attention, sparked your imagination, or prompted a question in the sermon? How do you connect with God? What do you think about praying with the radio?


sunday highlights


Some highlights of Sunday at RCLPC…

…the energy at the ministry fair!

…so many people in the choir, and the range of music today.

…hearing the Jubilation choir start rehearsing.

…the sermon, about how Christ was also a real person (not just a divine floaty being), and calls us to be real too–real with ourselves and real with each other, being authentic in sharing our stories, sharing our glory and our humanity, sharing our joy and our sorrow, our pain and our triumph, the hard and the good and the ugly and the beautiful, real about the fact that we are loved more deeply than we can possibly imagine (and so’s that person over there!)…and that when we are real with ourselves and with one another, we have real authentic community, real church, and we can begin to become the people and the church God calls us to be.

What did you think were the highlights of Sunday?