Living Waters Stream Day 1


We made it!  Although, at one point this morning, we were not certain if we would make it out of Chicago. So, even though planning is essential, plans really ARE useless.  What happens when the plan breaks down is the true test of flexibility. Today, we got to experience what trouble an embargo can really create.  Apparently, every summer and winter there is an embargo against certain types of bags into Central America. A quick taxi ride to the local 24 hour Walmart, and a repack of our two specially purchased trunks resulted in success getting all 12 of our bags checked in.  Unfortunately David and Jac did not make the 6:00 AM flight due to all the baggage commotion and caught the next flight out.  Their mad dash through the Miami airport caught them up with the rest of the team as American Airlines held the flight for the late Chicago arrivals.

Miraculously, all the bags except one made it to Guatemala City and we were really happy to have a van waiting to drive us to Antigua.   We have had a wonderful meal, gotten cash, had a quick look around the city square, and are all settled into our rooms for some rest.  The plan tomorrow is to relax a bit, see the city and learn more about the culture here before we head out to Reu. Anyway, we are praying that we will be refreshed after a more restful day.  Oh and, hopefully the missing bag will be delivered as promised.

Words of the day.  “It will all be fine.”


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