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Welcome! We’re glad you’re here to engage in the creative process of planning worship.

You may be wondering exactly how to do that, so here are some basics.

Each week we’ll post the theme and scripture passage for an upcoming week.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc, please post them here. Just click on the link that says “click here to comment” at the bottom of the post (at the end of the line that says “posted by rclpc at (time).”

You can choose whether to put your name or to post your comment anonymously. You do not need to have a blogger account or even an email address to use this.

Once you’ve typed your comment, fill in the word verification and push the orange “publish your comment” button and you should be good to go!

If you would simply like to see previous comments, click the same link and it will take you to the comment page. You won’t be forced to comment!

We look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas! Thanks for participating!