Living Waters Stream Day 3


All of this luggage was strapped down to the top of the van this afternoon for the trip to Reu.  Pablo and Luis provided excellent care with the packing and driving.  Traffic is crazy.  There must be only one route in Guatemala everyone uses which creates long lines of traffic and someone is always in a hurry to pass.  It is really scaring to see the motorcycles weaving in and out to get ahead – oh some cars too – and kids standing in the backs of pickups.  It seems like one missed speed bump would create quite a disaster. And there are a lot of those speedbumps.  It does solve the trouble of “optional rules of the road” by making a physical barrier.  It was very suprising, actually to see the large numbers of semis on the road. We made the trip to Reu in record time with no stops, arriving just before dark with just a bit of motion sickness setting for a couple of us.  Everyone was glad to get out and check in to our new home away from home for the next 5 nights.

Before the road trip, though Mary, David, and Cindy hiked a volcano.  Actually, David did the entire hike and Mary and Cindy invested in horse taxis for the ascent, and then walked down the mile and a half  trek.  It was much harder than it sounds, but well worth the trip.  The view from the top was completely hidden with the clouds, but how often do you get to walk in the clouds and roast marshmallows on hot lava.

The rest of the team went shopping at the huge Saturday Markets after having breakfast with a family from New Jersey in Guatemala for their 5th family vacation building homes for families outside Antigua.  We hope to see them when we are back for our last night to share stories.

Everyone is feeling good and we are excited to get started and meet the Belēn community.  We did end our day having dinner with Pablo, Luis, and Rabeña. What a great team!



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  1. Sounds like the adventure has begun. Keeping you in our prayers! May the leaks be simple and the waters be clear! Chris Pickett

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