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what are you reading?


Have you ever wondered what your pastors are reading?

Well, sometimes we’re reading theology, sometimes Christian living or ethics, sometimes books on spirituality or youth ministry, and we’re also often reading a novel or two apiece!

Right now, Teri is reading two books (click the titles for the pages):  Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne, about the political and ethical implications of the gospel, and Take this Bread by Sara Miles, about her conversion experience and how important food is to our faith.  She also just finished a novel made up of short stories called What the Thunder Said, about two sisters who grow up in the dust bowl during the depression and about what happens to them and their families.

Would you be interested in reading a book along with your pastor, then discussing it?  We’re contemplating the possibility of a “read with the pastor” book group–where we tell you what we’re reading and invite you to read along and then meet to talk about the book.  Leave a comment if you might be interested!  What are you reading right now?  Share with us in the comments!