Living Waters Stream


Hola and greetings from the Living Waters Team.

We will be sharing our journey with you in this space and are hoping for your prayers for safe travels and a successful installation.  Please be patient with me as this “blogging” is completely new for me too.  We’ll look forward to your comments during our trip which starts off on Thursday morning, bright and early with a 3:30AM meeting time at O’Hare airport.

The team met for the last time on July 1st for a packing party and barbeque at Kelewae’s home.  Packing turned out to be an exercise in jigsaw puzzle assembly as we packed 10 large bags and trunks with all the installation equipment and education activity materials.  It was quite a challenge to ensure that each bag was full and securely packed; while remaining under the 50 pound maximum weight.

After a wonderful potluck meal, we reviewed last minute details and ended our evening with song. We are practicing in Spanish.

Word of the Day:  FLEXIBILITY.  Actually, we’re all flexing this skill as we are certainly heading into unknown territory outside our comfort zone where things may just not go as planned.  We have definitely planned and are prepared for as much as possible; but there is still plenty unknown where faith just has to fill the gap.

John 4:14a  … but those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty.

Living Waters Team




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