Sabbath in the Suburbs–weekend extra!


During the December chapter, MaryAnn talked about the Sabbath Playlist (or the Christmas playlist, or the whatever playlist), and said that everyone’s life needs a good soundtrack.

So, for today: what’s the soundtrack for your life? Or even just your weekend?

We often ask the confirmation class to think of a song that describes or represents their faith journey, and we put those together into a Confirmation Soundtrack. Can you imagine a soundtrack for your faith journey? (or for this Sabbath?)

If you happen to find youtube or other links for some of the songs you think are on your playlist-of-life this week, put them in the comments! Otherwise, just give us the titles or even just the genre with some examples–it’s always fun to expand our musical horizons too!

Here are a few of the selections on my life soundtrack (at least right now!)…

Appalachian Spring, composed by Aaron Copland (warning–this is 30 minutes–30 gorgeous minutes, but be ready…)

Closer to Fine, by the Indigo Girls 

Your Grace Is Enough, by Matt Maher/Chris Tomlin/David Crowder (lots of recordings out there!) 

I Heard An Owl, by Carrie Newcomer 

Come Sail Away, by Styx 

just about any hymn you can sing to the tune St. Columba 

the Mozart Clarinet Concerto 

Defying Gravity, from the musical Wicked 

There Will Be A Light, by Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama

After All, by David Crowder 

So–what’s on your soundtrack??


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