RCLPC in Scotland, day 1


Well, okay, in some technical sense this is day 2, because of how travel works, but we’ve now had just over 24 hours together as a group. It’s been pretty fantastic as we’ve explored, eaten good food, had some good laughs, and learned lots of new things. Today we traipsed around the castle, listened to bagpipes, learned a bit about the Jacobite rebellion of 1745-6, learned how to wear a tartan, seen the National Covenant (1638), visited John Knox’s house, checked out the cemetery at the Canongate Kirk, toured Holyrood Palace (including the rooms of Mary Queen of Scots, among many others!), and learned about the Holyrood Abbey. In the midst of all that we’ve discussed religious and political history, sources of information, and economic philosophy. And, of course, the finer points of beer, whiskey, and dessert.

It was a busy day.

Tomorrow we’re headed to worship at St. Giles Cathedral, the High Kirk of the Church of Scotland. Then we’re exploring more of Edinburgh’s past via Mary King’s Close, Greyfriars Kirk, and the Grassmarket. We may even have the opportunity to learn more about the Scottish Reformation from one of Teri’s friends who’s working on her PhD in the subject!

The weather today was beautiful–not one drop of rain. Tomorrow promises to be wet, but we’re prepared to be out and about, rain or shine–so pray for shine. 🙂

part of Edinburgh castle

the entrance to Holyrood Palace

the old front entrance to Holyrood Abbey, now with palace attached

in the nave of Holyrood Abbey

holyrood abbey ruin


(don’t worry–pictures with people in them are coming soon. Most are on Steve’s phone, so we have to figure out how he can get them onto the laptop and therefore into the blog…when we have time to address our technical challenges, we will.)

You can also follow our church facebook page for occasional updates and spontaneous photos when we happen to be near the internet. 🙂






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