continuing the conversation: snooze-n-pray


This is one of Teri’s new favorite ways of praying…because it doesn’t even involve getting out of bed!

Set your alarm 3-snoozes early. When it first goes off, push snooze and use that time to talk with God about your day or life, things that worry you or that you’re excited about. You don’t even have to ask for anything, just chat like you would with a friend about the upcoming day, about something that’s been bothering you, or about your life. When the alarm goes off again, push snooze and use that second few minutes to talk to God about others—the church, the community, the world. Again, just like you would with a friend. When the 3rd alarm comes, push snooze and then just say “speak, Lord, for your servant is listening”…and then resist the urge to think, just relax and listen. If things come up, remember that it could be God talking back! …but if it isn’t, just come back to the word “listening” and relax—we all have cluttered minds sometimes, but God wants to break in! Voila—20 minutes and you’ve started your day by building up your most important relationship.

What do you think? What are some of your ways of starting your day with God? What’s your current favorite way to connect with God? What’s a way you want to learn more about?


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