Souper Bowl of Caring!


This coming Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, of course! While we’re gathering in comfy homes, getting ready to eat crazy amounts of snacks and cheer for one of those teams that isn’t anyone’s favorite (heehee), there will also be people in our community who don’t have a place to go or snacks to munch. There are people right here in McHenry County who are hungry and homeless, who spend the days outside in the cold and the nights on a church floor (if they’re lucky), who scrape by trying to feed their kids on the weekends when there’s no school lunch, who can’t spend a penny extra on something fun like m-n-ms or popcorn or chicken wings.

We have a chance to help! On Sunday morning, our youth will be collecting donations for the Souper Bowl–a super way to help those in need. Every penny we collect and every food item that’s donated goes to help people right here in our area. We don’t send the money in to a central office or turn a percentage over for organizational overhead–we send it directly to the people who need it. If you donate food items (we need lots of them!) they go to the Crystal Lake Food Pantry. Many of our volunteers have noted that the shelves often seem empty, especially in areas like beans, spaghetti sauce, soup, canned meats, and specialty items (every kid deserves a birthday cake, right?). If you donate money, we use it to buy supplies for the PADS lunch program–so every penny goes directly to feeding someone in need.

Since we started participating in the Souper Bowl in 2000, RCLPC has raised $8,366.67 and collected 1,343 food items. Let’s make this the year we get to an even $9000 and 1500 food items! Or even better, reach for our inner Souper-powers and make it the year we reach $10,000 and 2,000 food items! We can do it, and the people in our community need us to do it.

Plan to bring your donations–food and money–to worship with you this Sunday. Help us make this a truly Souper Sunday for some of God’s people right here in our own town. Thanks.


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