Church Life: THIS WEEKEND!


This weekend we have a TON going on.

There will be pancakes. Come to church hungry because the youth are going to be feeding you pancakes, fruit, and juice starting around 9:15ish!!! Support our youth by eating their pancakes!

There will be the annual meeting of the congregation–an important opportunity for all of us to hear and share what has happened in our corner of God’s church in the past year, to look ahead to the coming year, to elect elders to serve on the session, to approve the pastors’ terms of call, and to see the budget. You should have received the annual report via email–there are also some hard copies available at the church. If you didn’t get it in your email, please call and we’ll get it sent to you!

There will be books. BOOKS, BOOKS, and MORE BOOKS. There are thousands–and I do mean THOUSANDS, I’m not even exaggerating!–of books in the Fellowship Hall. And they are there so that you can buy them! Thanks to all of you who donated–now come over and get different books! We have children’s books, teen books, hard and soft cover books, history, biography, religion, self-help, time management, family relationship advice, romance novels, classics, popular novels, theology books, Bible commentaries, and every other kind of book you can imagine. We also have a large selection of old books–from the early 1900s! Please, come and buy books. When you do, you support the youth ministry. You also support the pastor who will have to load the leftover books into her Civic to take them out to various other community organizations–the fewer leftover the better! You can buy books beginning Sunday morning at 830, through at least next Sunday (the 29th) at noon. Feel free to stop in during the week–either during office hours (9-1) or call ahead and make sure someone is here to let you in!

SO–we’ll see you this weekend!


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