with the Word online Bible study: seeking, looking…


This week we’re doing this a little differently. Instead of starting with one particular scripture passage, we’re wondering what comes to mind if we start with this phrase:

“with my whole heart I seek God.”

What scripture comes to mind? What stories or phrases or songs or ideas come up when you think about the concept of looking for God? Where do you look?

How do you seek God? Do you remind yourself to notice the image of God in people around you? Is nature where you see God? Do you read scripture, looking for God’s word to you? Do you spend time in silence or contemplative prayer, looking for the movement of the Holy Spirit? Do you talk to a spiritual director, or a soul friend, to help you see where God is active in your life?

Do you seek God with your whole heart? Or more half-heartedly, or when you remember? (it’s okay to admit even if you never remember to look for God–we’re all honest friends here!)

What would help you in your search for God?

Jesus says that the first and greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. In order to love God so fully, we need to seek God too–they’re all part of the same idea. In last week’s book group post we talked about the idea that we “learn what we love”–when we love God, we seek God, and when we seek God we love God.

So: what can you do to seek God with your whole heart?  What do you need in order to seek God?


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