What’s Up At RCLPC


While summer is a slower season at church, there’s still a TON going on! And, of course, the Spirit of God is always on the move, calling us to faithful action in the world. How have you seen God at work this summer–whether at home, at work, at play, on vacation, at the beach, up north, down south, or even at church?

Here in the RCLPC building we’re enjoying a pew-packing summer, worshipping at 9 and 1030, singing and praying and encountering the Word of God. Have you encountered God anywhere lately?

We’re also hard at work participating in God’s mission–working on caring for the earth, social justice, feeding people who are hungry…and preparing for the summer food truck and school supply distribution! Bring your donations of school supplies to worship with you on Sunday, July 24! And then come back on August 11 (a Thursday) to help with the mobile pantry. We’ll need people to pack up backpacks with supplies, people to offer hospitality, people to hand out numbers, people to direct traffic, people to hand out food, people to set up and clean up, etc. Check in with Nancy V or David W for more information.

Youth groups and confirmation class are in the planning stages for the 2011-12 year…if you know someone going into 6th grade, or someone who hasn’t been in our youth ministry before who’s going into 8th grade (or older), or anyone new we should be looking out for, please have them contact Teri so we can be sure all our youth are included in the youth ministry!

There are some staff transitions going on–today the new part-time office assistant began training. Her name is Janice, and you can reach her from 9-1 in the office, or at Office@rclpc.org (and you can reach Kim at Admin@rclpc.org). There’s a new choir accompanist who will be starting in August. And we’re still looking for a children’s choir director! Please keep the staff in your prayers, and keep your eyes and heart open for anyone who might fit our team in the children’s choir area.

As our congregation continues to move into God’s future, widening the circle of grace, please be praying for the church! For the session and deacons, for worship leaders, and for all of us as a congregation that we might be faithful and find ways to follow God’s calling both in and out of the church building. Thanks!

What have you been up to this summer? How have you followed God’s call? How have you seen God at work?


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