Friday Question–summer reading


What are you reading this summer? Whether you like to spend the summer with fiction, or biographies, or whatever you see at the library, let us know what you’ve been reading and what’s next on the list! Any recommendations for your fellow summer readers? Are you participating in a summer reading program at a local library? What great books/magazines/prizes have you come across?


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  1. I’ve been reading some summer fluff and some non-fluff. This week I read a Philippa Gregory novel that started out like any other Tudor-era novel about women…and took a horror-novel turn when some creepy wax dolls came to life and started walking around! I think I’m heading for some Annie Dillard poetry over the long weekend. AND, of course, I’m reading What’s the Least I Can Believe And Still Be A Christian!

    I’m doing the Crystal Lake Library summer reading program. So far I’ve scored a free tote bag, a free Colonial hot fudge sundae, a coupon for yumz, and a free book!

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