Friday Question: the week after


The Easter baskets are down to just jelly beans and gum balls…what was your favorite Easter candy as a kid? What’s your favorite now? (bonus: do you eat the ears off the chocolate bunny first, or do you start somewhere else?)


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  1. Cadbury [spelling?] eggs with the chocolate shell and a rich, gooey, creamy inside. They were expensive (or did my parents only say that to limit the amount of sweets we ate?) so we didn’t get a lot of them. But even better than the goodies to eat was the large egg with a crystalliferous shell and a small whole in the end. If you pointed it towards a light and looked through the whole there was a tiny little Easter scene inside. It became a tradition for Grandma Murphy to buy one for each grandchild.

  2. I’m wondering what happened to those rather large-ish candy coated marshmallow eggs – now listen to this: the covering, once you can get a grip on it with your teeth and bite into it, was rather thick and somewhat chewy/crunchy. The inside mallow part was rather insignificant as far as marshmallow goes. Almost non-existent, if my memory serves me.

    I used to rather hate(?) them as a child (we’re talking the 60’s, here) – but as years have gone by with countless Easter baskets; I’d grown to rather like them in the last few – until I couldn’t find them this year! Still have a purple one in a jar, believe it or not! (Must have known they were near obsolete.) (Boy, I need a life – sounds like!)

    In anycase, they came in a sherbert orange color, white, yellow and the purple. A plastic bag, of course – usually one group on a shelf at Jewel.
    Egg size about 1 1/2 – 2 inches. They’re rather great, as I’m sure are ‘fat-free’ (but for the fat sugar produces!) And crackly-chewy !

    Thanks to anyone listenin’ !!

    oh! ears first – always… or a bit of tail..

  3. Time for a new question. How about this one: “What’s the best church choir in McHenry county if not the world?”.

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