Photo Finish


This morning when we walked into our house, it was all texturized and waiting for us.  First up: prime. Then: paint! Then: add trim, paint trim, clean up, and…GO!

It was like being in the final minutes of Trading Spaces…for 8 hours.

But at 430pm, when we had Barbra, her daughter and son-in-law, and her son walk into a finished (well…except for the floor) room, it was all worth it.  The long hours in the crazy heat and humidity, the muscles tired from mudding/sanding/painting, the bodies covered in all kinds of substances from dust to sweat to paint…all finished!

And it was a photo finish, as we literally worked down to the wire putting up trim around doors and windows, painting trim and screwing in door pulls. The breaks we took today were pretty much just to wait for paint to dry so we could put up…more paint.

At the end of the day, with Barbra’s family and our whole team, we stood around the room and dedicated it.

We could tell we were in the presence of Africa-American Southerners during the prayer, as they “AMEN-ed” and “hallelujah”-ed and “yes, oh yes!”-ed along with my prayer.  We pulled into the camp 5 minutes before dinnertime, dirty, tired, and happy.

Tonight we are headed to the Jolly Inn, a local place well known for Zydeco music and Cajun dancing.  Tomorrow morning we leave Houma at 730am to head back to the airport.  See you in the afternoon!


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  1. Sounds like a moving experience. I’m so glad these great kids could be a part of it! Thank you Teri and Scott!

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