we’re here!


Our travel experience was uneventful, even for Amanda who was flying for the first time.  Everything went smoothly and we were able to get to the French Quarter in time for lunch—beignets! mmm, beignets.  fried, donut-esque goodness covered in powdered sugar….

We spent the afternoon exploring the French Quarter—until a rainstorm forced us to spend just over an hour in the covered flea-market-y bustle of the French Market.  When the rain finally stopped, we wandered through the neighborhood (including along the ever-famous…or is that infamous? Bourbon Street—but don’t worry, it was 430 in the afternoon!) toward

La Bayou, where we enjoyed traditional (yet really nice) New Orleans food, thanks to a generous RCLPC benefactor.  Some of the more memorable things include many in our group

trying alligator (tastes like chewy and juicy chicken, apparently) and a few muffalettas (we LOVE the olive salad on top!).  And be sure to check out Scott’s po-boy, with shrimp and fried green tomatoes—it was a sandwich as big as his head!

After dinner we made a stop to pick up sunscreen and bug spray, and then started the drive toward Houma.  About an hour southwest, we got here at about 7.45pm and have been getting used to life in the PDA camp.  We sleep in “pods”—corrugated polypropylene tents (they actually look sort of like laminated cardboard)—that fit three of us, on cots, in each one.  They’re air conditioned at night, at least supposedly.  The one I’m sleeping in is on a faulty circuit and so the air turned off several times during the (very humid) night.  That’s supposed to be fixed today—hallelujah!

This morning we are having orientation with UMCOR (the Methodist equivalent of PDA) who is coordinating our work this week.  Then it’s off to work!


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  1. Glad to hear you’re all there, safe and having fun; and eating well!!! 🙂

    Hey “Greg” (reference the photo of the team), “leave that thing alone” ….


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