Mission Trip day 4


Rick’s team spent today at an urban garden called Open Lands.  The garden was recognized by President Clinton in 1993.  They spent the day weeding—according to Rick, “we weeded and weeded and weeded and weeded.”  Mr. and Mrs. Earls are the developers of the garden, and are really involved in their community. 


Scott’s team spent today at St. Vincent’s unloading two and a half truckloads of clothes and toys and then sorted them onto carts.  According to Kayleigh, they tossed big bags of stuff around all day.  Fun!


Cecily’s team spent today at the Cornerstone Community Center, a family shelter in the Uptown neighborhood.  The Center is preparing their kitchen for an inspection soon and needed the kitchen deep cleaned, so the team spent the day scrubbing walls, the stove hood, the stove, the cabinets, etc.  They degreased the whole place—the yellow walls were white when they were done!





Tonight we are headed for Promontory Point for a picnic, and on the way the youth will each be given $1 and asked to figure out how to eat dinner for that $1.  What a great way to experience what a lot of the world does!  I’ll try to finish another update, including photos, tomorrow while I’m at the airport.  In the meantime, check the flickr page (link in yesterday’s post) for today’s and last night’s pictures!


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  1. Thanks for the fantastic updates, Teri! What a treat to see our kids at work in ‘real time’. It looks like they’re working hard and having some fun too!

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