Bible in 90 Days: Day 43


BiND:  Day 43


Today we read Book IV of the Psalms—the book with lots of references to the covenant, to Moses and Aaron and even to David (though he’s credited with only a few of these).  Many of the psalms in this book are clearly designed for liturgical use—they are calls to worship, prayers of confession, prayers for help, songs of praise, even sermons!  You might notice that some of the things we did in worship today are similar to these psalms—we sang about God’s amazing creation and power, we blessed God for the things God has done for us, we prayed to use our gifts well, we remembered what God has done for our ancestors in the story.  This collection of psalms is almost like a book of worship resources!  And once again we are into popular song territory—there are great settings of Psalm 91 to a traditional Scottish tune, to psalms 95-98 in the various “sing a new song” hymns of our hymnal and to contemporary tunes with guitars and drums in songs like “Resonate.”  And then, of course, there’s the classic setting of Psalm 100 to the well-known tune Old Hundredth (the tune we use to the doxology).  You can find it in our hymnal under the title “All People That On Earth Do Dwell.”

I looked and looked for a recording of Psalm 103 from Taize, but the only decent sound quality video I could find was with a soloist (when it’s sung in 4 parts, with a cantor as well, there’s nothing quite like it!).  I’ll leave you with that today.  May the song and the psalm be our prayer together.


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