a chat with Anna


I had a little chat with Anna Z today–between the 1-1/2 hour drumming workshop (a Sherri Dees dream!) and “intentional free time” during which Anna was planning to spend time being artistic.  They are certainly keeping her busy down there!  She says that the group is very close and “really emotional–we cry all the time.”  They are really getting into some spiritual and theological issues, as well as having some great servant experiences.  Tonight they are going to a Taize service.  Anna was also really excited about the outdoor labyrinth!  She talked a lot too about the different experiences of call that people are having, and how they are working out their callings as individuals and as a group.  It all sounds fascinating!  It sounds like she’s having a great time.  She kept saying “I don’t know where to start to tell you about all of this!”

Anna thanks you for your prayers–and I hope we will continue praying for her and her Project Burning Bush colleagues as they discern how God is calling them and as they experience lots of new things.  The program ends Saturday morning and Anna will be home Saturday night (insha’allah!), just in time for the mission trip that leaves Sunday afternoon!  Thanks to all of you for being a great support and a great community for Anna.


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  1. Hey y`all! (Yes, I was teased for my Chicagoan accent and was taught how to “really talk”)
    I got in a few hours ago and am now unpacking so that I can repack. Thank you Teri and Mommy for filling everyone in!! I think they both hit the highlights. True to what Teri said – we had a cry fest last night during a two hour comissioning service, and then we played “pass the cell phone” to make sure everyone had eachother’s numbers to keep in contact, which I truly believe that we will. I cannot thank you all enough for the prayers that you supported me with while I was away. I will have loads of stories to tell you all, but to keep things general: Project Burning Bush was the most amazing two weeks. I have never experienced anything like it. It went beyond the projects and classes, there was a spirit there that is so unique. I’m not sure what else to say, but I will give y`all more details later with pictures too! Thanks again for all of your support.

  2. p.s. sorry to my fellow Bible in 90 Days readers: I did not do any of the reading while I was gone. I have alot of catching up to do!!

  3. Anna–we’re glad you’re home! We can’t wait to hear all your stories! My advice for the Bible in 90 Days: skim Chronicles, read Job for the great language (especially the last few chapters), pray the psalms as you read.
    And/or just read the blog. 😉
    See you tomorrow!

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